We are now accepting pre-registrations for September 2023.  This form is for NEW members only.

    NOTE: Registrations are CLOSED for our spring mini-term, but we're accepting new registrations for FALL of 2022.

    If you're a new singer to the choir, then please fill out this form so we can fit you in properly!

    NOTE - rehearsal days and times are subject to change!

    Please fill out the following form as completely as you can. If you're having trouble with this form, please send the answers to the questions below to sasgmanager@gmail.com or phone Cris at 780.240.8871

    At the end, when you click on SUBMIT, you should get a green box at the bottom of the page saying "Your registration information was sent successfully." If you do NOT get that message, then it means one of your entries needs correcting, so scroll back up and look for the red message(s). You will also receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your pre-registration information. Good luck!

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    Registration takes place at the first rehearsal. See HERE for more details like registration and rehearsal times for your choir, as well as info on any venue changes!